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How to use this site:

AfCS data will become publicly available as soon as predetermined standards of quality are met. Reports are meant to complement AfCS data by providing a basis for interpretation of results and their application to specific interests of investigators. Reports may be cited (see Citing AfCS data) and data may be utilized for comparative analysis.

The reports are categorized by the cell system used for study (e.g. B lymphocytes). An additional category of “discovery and analysis” encompasses studies that are not specific to any system and includes technical and analytical applications developed by AfCS scientists. A Table of Contents in each category lists available reports, with the most recent shown first. Each report may be viewed online as an html document with links to detailed protocols and references or downloaded in PDF format.

Intellectual property:

The AfCS and its sponsors do not claim intellectual property rights to the data and information presented in these reports. The data on this site is available to anyone for testing research hypotheses. View our data sharing policy.





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