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Review Process:

Reports presented in this journal undergo a formal review process prior to publication but are not peer-reviewed in a traditional sense by anonymous referees (see below). Our goal is to make data publicly available as soon as possible while recognizing the importance of quality control. Before appearing on the web site, data generated in AfCS labs is shown to be experimentally reproducible.

Reports are proposed and prepared by AfCS Scientists based on the recommendations of the Lab Directors and Editor-in-Chief. To be approved for presentation to the public, a report is reviewed for scientific content and presentation by relevant Lab Directors, the editorial staff, and finally by the appropriate System Committee.


Contributions to an AfCS Research Report or Brief Communication are recognized in several ways.  To qualify, an author must make a significant contribution to the concept, design, analysis, interpretation, data collection, data processing, writing, supervision, or critical review of the publication.  Authors are listed both in the author line and in a table that provides more information about the nature of an individual's contribution.  Editors and reviewers of the publication are also listed in this table. Contributors that do not qualify as authors, editors, or reviewers are recognized in an acknowledgements section.




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